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Sign Up for an e-Services Account


As soon as you become a Civil Air Patrol member, it will be very useful to sign up for an e-Services account.


What is an e-Services account?

            It is a webpage devoted just to you on the CAP National Headquarters computer system.  You are the only one who can see your page.  It will give you access to all your CAP records and qualifications.  You can update some of your own records from this site.  It also gives you direct links to other things you’ll need for CAP (see a partial list on the second page of this document).


How to set up an e-Services account:


Go online to e-Services by doing the following:

            1) Go to the CAP national website:

                 (You can also just type into your web-browser’s address bar.)


            2) Click on "MEMBERS" at the top of the page in the red area.


            3) Then click on e-Services in the blue area on the left (alphabetized).


            4) If you are asked to approve leaving the domain, click “yes”.


            5) Click on the blue “click here” in the line of text that looks like this…

                 First-time eServices users click here to activate your account!


            6) As prompted, enter the member’s social security number and a valid e-mail address                            where registration confirmation details can be sent.  Then click on “Submit”.

                 (Your SSN is used because that’s how NHQ confirms that you are a member.) 


            7) Check the above e-mail account’s inbox or junk-mail box.  You will receive an e-mail that will                        include your e-Services username and password.                 


            8) Log onto e-Services with the username and password you received via e-mail.


            9) In the area at the top of the e-Services home page, you can click on “change password” if                             you’d like to change it to something easier for you to remember.                                   


Logging onto your e-Services account:


Once you have already established you e-Services account by following steps 1-7 above, go to the e-Services log-on page: and enter either your assigned username or you CAPID # in the first box, and your password in the other box, then click “log on”.


It will be useful to and time-saving to save the log-on page

under “favorites” in your web browser. (You can also get to this page by following steps 1-4 above.)



Useful things at e-Services: (this is just a sampling of the many features located here!)


Get anti-virus software that’s free to CAP members (location: at bottom of center section of page)


Review/edit your member information (location: top of center section of page)

Renew membership

Change password


Link to:  (these are located on left side of page, listed alphabetically)

     Emblems/Seals/CAP logos

     CAP Knowledgebase (this is fantastically useful if you have questions about CAP!)

     CAP Online Exams (such as those for emergency services, including GES test 116)

     CAP Publications & Forms (this is where you find the most recent versions of  regulations, manuals,                pamphlets and national CAP forms)

            -Word versions of forms (not PDF versions) can be filled out by typing on your computer!

            -Note: for activities within Washington Wing that require “forms 23, 24 and 27” – you need to know that those are Washington Wing forms, so are not found here.  To get WW forms,                     go to the WA Wing website: .  Once there, click on                              “Members”, next on “Online Forms”, then “WAWG Forms and Publications”, and finally                        the form # you need.

     Interactive Personnel System – look at all your qualifications and achievements here.  Check/modify   your personal information and find the date you first joined CAP.

     Membership Picture ID Card Payment – if you want to order a $4 CAPID card with your photo on it

     Personal CAP Form 101 – Look at/print your emergency services qualifications card.


click here to download file


Warning: The information you are receiving is protected from interception or disclosure. Any person who intentionally distributes, reproduces or discloses its contents is subject to the penalties set forth in 18 United States Code Section 2511 and/or related state and federal laws of the United States.