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How to Download CAP Forms from the Internet


It is extremely useful to be able to access the Civil Air Patrol forms you need right from your own computer, and it’s easy to do.  Word based forms can be filled out and saved on your computer.  When you access them later, the portions you’ve already completed will already be there – a real time saver.


For National CAP Forms

(these forms have names like CAP form 2A, or CAPF 50)


1) Go to this website: 


TIP: Save the above web address in your web browser as a “Favorite” so you can find it easily every time you need it.


2) In the left column on the page click on “Forms (Word)” or “Forms (PDF)”, and when the next web page opens, scroll down to the form you need, click on it, and save it or just open it for now.      


TIP: Chose “Forms (Word)”, because for most of the forms in this format - Word for Windows - you can actually fill out all the portions of the form that you need to, right on your computer.  When you print the form, all the info you’ve added will already be there.  Then save the document (with the data entries you’ve made) to your computer:

a.       After selecting “save as”, you’ll be prompted to give the form a file name.  Give it a name that includes a description of the form or its use, and I find it helpful to include the date.  Example: you might save it as: CAPF50 Smith 6-06.  In the future, you can open up the file that’s now stored on your computer and just modify your data entries.

b.      Be sure to save the file to a location on your computer where you’ll be able to find it later, such as a “CAP” file that you’ve created.

c.       You can then print the completed form, or e-mail it.

d.      Instructions for how to submit a form by e-mail are given at the top of the page that lists all the Word forms - the one you got to by clicking on “Forms (Word)” in step 2.


For Washington Wing Forms

(these forms have names like WWF23, or  WAWG Form 24 )


1) Go to this website:

TIP: Save the above web address in your web browser as a “Favorite” so you can find it easily every time you need it.


2) On the left side of the Washington Wing web page, click on “Online Forms”


3) Then choose the drop-down list labeled: “WAWG Forms and Publications” and select the form you need.


4) Follow steps a, b and c as above. 

TIP: An example of what you might name one of these (when you’ve filled it out and are saving it) is: WWF24 med 4-06.  The next time you need to complete a medical form, you’ll just open the most recent version you’ve saved, you will update it with any changes, and then print it without having to re-enter every single item.

Download Printable File


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