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Green River Composite Squadron

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Number 06-0526

Policy Statement


To:       All Cadets, Green River Composite Squadron


From:  Pat Amann, 1st Lt, CAP

            Deputy Commander for Cadets, GRCS


RE:       Cadet Promotion Policies and Procedures


26 May 2006


Effective this date, the squadron policies and procedures for cadet promotions are as follows:


1.      Progression within the Cadet Program and completion of Achievement 1 may begin as soon as the cadet’s name appears on the national CAP web site, and after the cadet is in full compliance with CAP uniform and grooming standards.


2.      Cadets must take and pass the Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) according to their physical fitness category to qualify for each achievement, and again for milestone awards (Wright Brothers, Mitchell, etc.). 

a)      The rule of “run, plus two out of three” will apply, meaning that a non-passing score on one (or in some cases, more) CPFT events does not disqualify a cadet from promotion.

b)      The commander or deputy commander for cadets (DCC) may modify the CPFT requirements for achievements in the case of temporary injuries or other specific conditions, but not for milestone awards. 


3.      Participation in at least half of the moral leadership (ML) forums offered since the completion of the last achievement is required for promotion.  In the case of Achievement 1, this will be half the ML forums since becoming a member. 


4.      The minimum passing score for leadership and aerospace education tests must be attained, followed by  correction to 100% (open book), before the initial passing score is recorded and the cadet becomes qualified for promotion. 

a)      The minimum passing score for Achievement tests is 70%.

b)      The minimum passing score for Milestone Award tests is 80%.

c)      In the case of two-part tests, part 1 must be passed before Part 2 can be administered.

d)      Phase I and II tests (Aerospace Dimensions) are taken closed-book.  Phase III and IV tests (Aerospace: The Journey of Flight) are open-book exams.

e)      Oral testing may be granted by the commander/DCC.


5.      Cadets may not test beyond their next achievement.  For example, a C/TSgt may take the Lindbergh Achievement 5 tests necessary for advancement to C/MSgt, but not the Doolittle Achievement 6 tests that would lead to C/SMSgt.


6.      A minimum of 60 days between Achievements is required.  No such waiting period exists for Milestone Awards.  As soon as the Milestone Award test and CPFT have been passed, it is the cadet’s responsibility to apply to NHQ for the award by submitting the appropriate CAPF 52 Phase Certification.  Beginning with the date the Milestone Award is posted on the national web site, the cadet must wait at least 60 days to complete the next achievement.


7.      Participation in squadron activities is required to complete each achievement.


8.      Any cadet requesting promotion will apply for a Promotion Board hearing one week or more before the next scheduled Promotion Board.  In addition, CAPF 50’s will be completed by the cadet requesting promotion and by that cadet’s superior or designated evaluator, and submitted to the Deputy Commander for Cadets (DCC) one week or more before a Promotion Board is convened.

a)      Form 50’s must have been completed within the last 30 days prior to promotion board consideration.

b)      Cadets will not request a Promotion Board hearing unless they 1) can confirm all promotion requirements have been met, or 2) anticipate that all promotion requirements will have been met by the time the Promotion Board convenes.

c)      Cadets are not to appear before a Promotion Board until all requirements for promotion have been attained.

d)      The commander/DCC retains the option to modify or waive the above requirements for form 50’s, notifications, and Promotion Board hearing.  


9.      The commander/DCC will retain a cadet in grade if the cadet’s performance or maturity does not demonstrate and ability to accept increased responsibility commensurate with the promotion, and will set a date for subsequent review.






Patricia K. Amann, 1st Lt, CAP

DCC. Green River Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol


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